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We Live on the Farm!

We did it! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and things were pushed up until the last few weeks before I head back to work...but we are moved in! I am feeling all the emotions... relief, peace, excitement, and overall, just thankful! We couldn't have done it without our wonderful families and friends!

We still need to hang barn doors, the fireplace, finish crown molding, install handles on cabinets, hang linen closet shelves, etc. and most of our things are still in boxes, but that is totally okay! Just soaking in the moment!

It has been my dream to build a home on the farm since I was a little girl. Megan and I used to sit up on the hill and daydream about where the "perfect" spot would be. Well... I think I found it! Last night, Tyler and I were sitting out on the patio, and we could see almost the entire farm! I feel so blessed to be living on our century farm!

Doing cattle chores and tending to the flowers feels like a breath of fresh air! We no longer have a commute... which is just a game changer! I can just step outside and take a short walk to the flower field! Next calving season will be a lot less stressful! We will be able to keep such a close eye on everyone.

Dean is still adjusting. The first few nights were a little rough because he missed nana and papa, but he is starting to get into his new routine. It has been so fun to watch him take ownership of his room! He got so excited bringing in all of his toys and setting up his bed!

I was hoping to show you some decor, but I have decided to hold off on hanging anything. I want to be sure I love where we place things. Maybe I will do a follow up blog post in a few months! I plan to get a few house plants to put on our open shelves in the kitchen and I CAN NOT WAIT!

We can truly say we built our dream home. Tyler and I, with the help of our contractor, Brandon, and family/friends, we have touched every aspect of the build. From the dirt work to framing, painting, cabinets, etc... we have put a lot of sweat equity into this home.

In hindsight we probably would have waited to build. Interest rates were at 2.5 percent when we sold our house, and at the time, we thought we could build for a lot less. As we began the process; lumber went up, interest rates kept rising and the economy just started to suck. The more we invested financially, the more we had to invest in our time and energy to help save where we could.

We began this process over three years ago! There have been a lot of tears, hiccups, and frustrations but there have also been moments of fun and happiness! I know it isn't easy, sometimes I just wanted to call it quits... but reach for those big goals! It is worth it, and, in the end, God will guide your path. He puts ambitions on our heart for a reason!

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