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It is BABY Month! Let's catch up!

It is baby month and I am feeling all of the emotions.

In some ways I feel like I have been pregnant for a very long time. We announced we were expecting back in the summer... at the same time that we were moving into our new home on the farm. It was a busy fall!

We had so many transitions in 2023... baby announcement, starting a new job and finishing the house. It has been a roller coaster BUT all good transitions.

In other ways, I feel like I just began to sit still with the idea that we are bringing baby #2 into our family and with that comes so much love, sleepless nights, and adjusting. My mind might not be 100% prepared but my body is very much ready to have Baby H.

Emotionally, I am beyond excited to meet Baby H. We have had quite a few ultrasounds this time and each picture I get is one more closer to seeing him in person It makes me so excited to envision what he will look like. Will him and Dean have a resemblance or will they be complete opposites?

The ultrasounds have been a wonderful way for me to see more of Baby H, but the ultrasounds are being scheduled because of caution. This has made me a bit more emotional with highs and lows. Praise that everything has turned out okay but first we had to double check that my placenta moved, second my glucose levels were a concern, third I found out I has anemia and fourth, baby is breech.

We have schedule a C-section for later in the month but I am nervous that he will come early. Dean came two weeks early at 8lbs and 8 oz. Baby # 2 is already 7lbs and 13 oz according to my ultrasound. We switched hospitals this time too... just so many things to think about. I am also trying to balance teaching, maternity plans, Dean's speech, FFA, etc. It has just been a lot and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I am trusting God with the unknowns. Megan and I did a whole podcast episode about trusting God's plan. If you are also in a season of unknowns, be sure to check it out!

Okay... I have chatted a lot about emotions but what about the logistical things we are doing to prepare?

  1. We are talking with Dean OFTEN about what he can expect when baby arrives! Dean is very much a kid who likes to be prepared. We did this with potty training, going to Sunday school, leaving blanky at home, etc. He seems excited, even offered to share his toys haha.

  2. Baby nursery is almost ready. I still need to open up my pump and make sure I know what I am doing. I bought a different one this time and I hope it works better. I am going into the nursing season with an open mind. I fed Dean up until he was 7th months but I tried everything to prolong it. I am going to be less stressed about the situation this time and just do what is best.

  3. Having another boy made it so easy for limiting what we need to buy. His whole nursery is things we already had. I think I bought 3 things for his room. He can also use all of Dean's old clothes, etc.

Lastly, I wanted to chat with you about the similarities and differences between baby #1 and baby #2

  • I had Dean at 38 weeks and with 24+ hours of contractions (from the time I woke up until 12:12 pm the next day). It will be different this time with a C-section. I was worried about choosing an epidural or not and I guess I won't have to choose this time.

  • I was nauseous with both babes but this time I had true morning sickness.

  • I didn't have very many symptoms with Dean all the way up until the end and then I had carpal tunnel and very swollen feet. I gained about 25-30 lbs with Dean.

  • With baby #2, i have gained about 40 lbs and I have felt a lot more symptoms. Hard to breathe, heartburn, dizzy spells, back pain, stuffy nose, sensitive gums, and pinched nerves. I began to wear maternity clothes a lot sooner this time.

  • Baby kicks have felt pretty similar! I love to feel the movements!!

  • Cravings have been different: With Dean I craved egg sandwiches and with baby #2 it has been all the sweets.

  • I did not like the acid of coffee in the beginning with either of the babies. I couldn't stomach even the smell.

  • We came up with Dean's name right away. It has been a lot more challenging to name baby #2.

  • I exercised the whole time with both babies but I am for sure more sore this time and I modify most of the moves at this point.

  • I was 25 when I had Dean and I will be 28 when I have baby #2.

It was fun to sit down and write down my thoughts as we head into baby month! How do your stories relate? Did you have similar pregnancies or very different? Stay tuned for a baby update later this month! Please send some prayers to help ease my mind with the c-section!

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