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Beef Tallow for Skin Care?

I first heard about beef tallow moisturizer on a podcast I listen to called Discover Ag. After hearing Tara and Natalie rave about the benefits, I decided to try it for myself. I have been using it for a little over a month and I am loving it!

So what is beef tallow and why is it a great skin care product?

Beef tallow is rendered fat that has been made shelf stable by removing the water through evaporation. After I did a bit more research, it makes perfect sense to make byproducts from the left over beef fat. Why waste a perfectly good product!?

Beef tallow has traditionally been made into candles, soaps and body lotions. It can also be used for cooking with.

According to Toups and Co there are many benefits to using tallow for skin care.

  1. Real and simple ingredients (packed full of vitamins and minerals)

  2. Beauty from nature (soothes redness and heals acne scars)

  3. Supports small farms

  4. Sustainable (creating byproducts from leftovers)

After I had Dean, I really struggled with acne. My hormones have been all over the place and I am diving deep into optimizing my health with wholesome products and ingredients. I will share more as I continue to experiment. Pregnancy hormones helped to clear my acne but I was left with scars.

I began using Clear Stem facewash and Toups & Co moisturizer to help nourish my skin. Nutrition is also a big component and that is partly what I am experimenting with. I will be diving into this after Baby Hibbs #2 is here. Our body is depleted of nutrients during pregnancy and breast feeding. I lost a lot of iron from the time I had Dean to now and my recent labs showed I was anemic. For someone who considers themself pretty healthy, I was pretty shocked.

What else am I deficient in? I recently sat down to create my vision board for 2024 and I really want to focus on feeling my best. Prioritizing positive energy and health.

Let me know what you think about using beef tallow on your face! I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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