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New Year, New Brand!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, what a year! We feel so blessed that you are here celebrating with us, let's cheers to 2023! How did you celebrate?

We would like to cheer to the launch of HB Farms LLC.

To rebrand was such a hard decision. I feel a personal connection to Farmhouse Flowers, a brand I have built through hard work and grit, but as much as I love it, I want a name and logo that will grow with our business.

HB, Hibbs and Ball, it just seems to fit! Our new brand also expands to include other important people on the farm in ways that Farmhouse didn't. Farmhouse Flowers was more my personal brand and HB Farms LLC. is a farm brand.

Tyler and I have been working on a rebrand for over six months now! It has been hard to keep it hush, hush. We started mulling over the idea of diversifying the farm in order to bring in additional revenue back during the heat of summer months, but as we continued our conversations, it was evident that Farmhouse Flowers limited our brand. We wanted to wait to make the announcement until we have a few logistics in place. The new year seemed like an exciting time!

HB Farms LLC. will be our overarching umbrella for all things flowers and beef! Our flower business will continue to include farm fresh flowers, summer subscriptions, weddings and full-florist services. HB Farms LLC. will also include a direct market beef business. We are beyond excited to offer local beef and will have our first round of individual cuts of beef ready for purchase winter 2023. For this first year, there will be a limited amount. Be sure to check out our updated website to sign up for the wait list!

We couldn't rebrand without updating our website. Check out WEBSITE and let us know what you think!

Below are our two business centers and our potential offerings. Going forward, it is my goal to make our content as clear and crisp as I can. We will have two main focuses, flowers and beef. On our website, you can find a beef and flower tab. This will help direct you to the information needed for your inquiry.

With the rebrand and completion of the shophouse (hopefully spring 2023), we have plans to offer on farm sales. Through our on-farm sales and website e-store, our rebrand will include AMAZING MERCH!

I AM SO EXCTIED to release our merch designs in time for spring.

We are opening our hearts to new adventures as we head into 2023 and we couldn't be more excited! It feels really good to focus our business. I can visualize where the business is heading, and I see God paving the path as we trust him to lead us.

Let us know what you think! Email or comment on our social media posts and let us know your thoughts.

We wish you all the happiness in 2023!



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