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Fall Vibes & Back to School Thoughts


It might be 100 degrees but I am feeling all the fall vibes! School is back in session, football season is among us, pumpkin spice is already everywhere and I just completed my first week at CCA. The first few days were awesome...

***Megan and Kyle gave us sweet corn and it was delicious! I froze 10 bags for eating this winter!

But then the students started to get comfortable... and I think it may take a little bit of time for me to get in the authority mindset when in my previous role I was the guest in the classroom. I want to be a firm but fun teacher and I am trying to find that balance without being pushed over as the "new teacher."

We were able to begin Unit 1 today which is all about the history of agriculture and moving from hunting/gathering. We begin planting in the outdoor classroom next week and I am excited to have the students compare heirloom varieties to hybrids. It should be a fun topic to discuss! I had a few students ask about GMOs so I also plan to bring that topic into the conversation. Overall it was a great week, but wow, do I need a nap haha.

Fall on the farm is always one of my favorite times of year. We still have a little while before the temperatures begin to change and we are working hard to get all of the hay mowed and baled. The government is allowing CRP ground to be mowed once this year due to the drought and affects it is having on our hay crop. CRP stands for conservation reserve program, which means the government pays a farmer or landowner to not plant or graze the land in order to increase habitat for our wildlife. We plan to mow a few areas of CRP land to help increase our bale count. Usually we use about 120 large bales of hay throughout our winter months. Well this year we began feeding our cows/calves hay earlier because of the lack of moisture in our pastures. This means we will need more than 120 and the last time I checked we had about 112. Hopefully we can harvest enough hay, otherwise we may have to buy this year which will also be a challenge because the demand will be higher and supply will be low. Time will tell...

MEAT: I haven't given a meat update in a while, we will be calling the locker soon to finalize details. We have 12 people on our waiting list!! WOW! Thank you to everyone who has shown interest. This first year we might offer bundles in time for Christmas or we may just go down the list and see who wants to buy beef and continue down the list until it is all spoken for. Our goal is to double the amount of beef we have to offer next year.

The flower cart is going well! We will continue to stay open on Saturday and Sundays until the weather begins to change!

MERCH: We have fall merch designs available for preorders! Cozy up with our signature crew necks! Order here:

I love our new farm fresh floral ones! Which is your fav?

Dean is back at grandmas full time now that I am in school and it is crazy how resilient kids are! I think he has adjusted back to his routine better than I have haha. I miss my summer days with him, but that is one thing I love about this career...I get to have summer days with him!

I feel like the time I have in a day has been cut in half. I sometimes wonder if I am crazy for trying to do all the things! Most of my family and friends would probably say it's not because I am crazy but because I don't like to sit still. My mission this year was to slow down a bit and now that we live in our house, I feel like I am up for the challenge, but it going to have to be a strategic plan! I have a few weddings coming up this fall and I am a little nervous with my schedule not being as flexible as it used to be, but I will just have to be organized.

Fall is probably one of my busiest seasons and this is because wedding season picks up, the flower field is in full bloom and I head back to my full time work schedule. There is light at the end of the tunnel though! As soon as we get through fall, I get to hibernate for the winter! I am heading into the fall season with excitement but also not as much energy as I would hope. I am giving myself grace though! I have to remind myself that I am growing a little human inside of me, chasing a toddler, and getting adjusted to a new job. With all of that being said... I love what we do with the farm and all of your support means the world to me! I think I just need to find more of a balance. I need to sit down this winter and figure out a game plan for how to be more profitable and really make the business work for us to help support our family.

Speaking of supporting our farm business. We have two exciting events taking place this fall and winter in partnership with a few other amazing small business owners! Stay tuned for more information!

Well I think that is all for now! I knew I wanted to write a blog post but I wasn't really sure what I wanted to write about...I sort of just let the words flow. Thank you for tuning in!

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