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House Update, Motherhood, & More!

What is up everyone!? How are y'all doing? Are you going a little stir crazy like I am? Cabin fever is hitting us all pretty hard over here. Even Riggs is inching to get outside...and you think I am being dramatic but really you guys, he ran over to the screen door the other day and tried to get me to take him outside. I caved and therefore we bundled up to take Diesel outside to play. Dean loves the outdoors. That little man would spend hours outside if we would let him!

I am finally feeling better after being sick all week and I am just so thankful to be feeling more like myself again. Thankfully no one else in our house got sick and I am praying it stays that way!

Okay you guys! Currently we are working on a few things behind the scenes. The flower season begins soon. My plan is to start a succession of seeds the first week of March. I can't wait to get my hands back in the dirt! It is so therapeutic for me! Our subscription sign up opens April 1st! Subscribe to our newsletter (on our website) to be first to have access!

The calving season has officially begun! We have one calf born and 23 to go. Most of our cows will begin calving middle of March to April. Our goal is to be more organized this year therefore we have started record keeping on all of our cows. We will document when they calve. Was it an easy calving experience or did we have to assist? Was it a bull or a heifer, etc. This will help us in the future to better know how to prepare for calving with each individual cow.

You may have seen on Facebook but in case you haven't, Megan and I are starting a podcast called M&M Chat, a monthly show that brings together our many commonalities… motherhood, farm life, fitness, chasing our passions, and girl chat. We are recording our first episode this weekend! Stay tuned for more information. We will be sharing the link to listen on March 9th!

As you can see we have a lot going on and sometimes I do admit it is hard to jungle. Not only do we have all the things I just mentioned, but we also work full time. I always want to be 100% transparent with you all and lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed in this season. But we have tremendous support from our family and none of this would be possible without them. What I love about my job and the farm is that my two passions weave so well together. I want to show Dean that anything is possible. It is possible to love your job but also want to grow something for yourself; even if that means bringing Dean to the farm after work and doing chores with him right along side us. HE LOVES IT! That boy literally lights up when he sees the cows. It makes my heart so happy.

Sometimes pursuing our family goals means the house isn't always clean, laundry piles up, the yard doesn't look perfect...but that is okay! It is impossible to maintain it all, all the time! I am learning to be okay with this. I like to think I am wonder woman and can do it all but Tyler often reminds me to sit on the couch at the end of the night and just do nothing. Which is hard for me to do haha.

***I believe this feeling of overwhelm is mostly coming from this time of uncertainty with the house. Prices keep rising and now interest rates are doing the same. We are tossing around different ideas that would help get us back on our own and on the farm. I will share more once we have a plan. It is my goal to bring you along for the journey! As always, thank you for reading!


Your flower friend!

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