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Dream to Host

Our dreams grow, flourish and evolve. I love sharing the journey with you as our story unfolds. Honestly my blog is similar to a scrap book, a place to journal and keep memories, but it is also a place where I hope to inspire and educate. The dream to host on-farm workshops has been stirring in my heart for a while now. Once we have our home built, I hope to develop a series of summer workshops where we can come together and design! I am not sure what this will look like just yet but I am envisioning something similar to canvas and wine workshops but instead of canvas, we are designing bouquets!

Over the last few years, I have partnered with with garden clubs and 4-H groups to host bouquet and wreath making workshops. We explored the process for growing and harvesting flowers, stem care and flower arranging!

It has been a blast! We begin with an educational component, I give a few tips and tricks for designing and then I let the participants have at it. The flowers are separated into groups; filler, secondary and focal. We want to implement principals of design: balance, emphasis, repetition, movement, proportion, etc. Color schemes are also important to consider.

Participants had the choice to design a Posie, loosely tied bouquet, or an arrangement in a vase. I brought a variety of blooms from the farm, including zinnias, snapdragons, yarrow, statice, dianthus, ornamental basil and more. It was neat to see their final projects. We had a wide range of experience levels and it was fun to see the participants at work. One parent said, "wow this is so therapeutic," and I would have to agree, that is why I love it!

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