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Good ol' Fashion Flower Cart

For the first time we will have a self-serve flower cart at the end of our lane on Ivy Ave! We are so excited to expand our reach by offering flowers on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

We will have both tied market bouquets and arrangements in mason jars available for sale. Payment options will include cash and Venmo!

This week we are putting on the finishing touches and we hope to have our first good ol' fashion flower cart set up next weekend on July 8th. Follow us on social media to stay in the know about dates and times!

The flower cart has been a fun DIY project! I purchased the small and mobile "kitchen island" from Facebook Market place. My friend Breanna helped me paint our HB logo and flower design and my dad is helping me add a canopy.

Breanna is a local artist who specializes in bright and cheerful paintings, cartoons and more. Check out her Instagram page at Breanna Dawn Art.

I still need to... go pick out a fabric for the canopy, add a cash box/print off my Venmo QR code, and of course harvest flowers haha.

We currently have snapdragons, marigolds, zinnias, statice, dahlias, and celosia blooming!

Email or message me with questions!



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