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Howdy all! We have more than half of the garden planted, and I am literally jumping for joy! It always amazes me how anxious I get, but somehow, we manage to pull it off every year.

We may actually be ahead of schedule... but I don't want to jinx it haha. Things just seem overwhelming right now with the house, work, and family life but my friend Josie came to help for a few days, and we accomplished so much!

At HB Flowers and Beef LLC., we currently focus our efforts on growing summer annuals. The first blooms usually make their appearance around 4th of July! We have 6 ways to enjoy farm fresh flowers this summer, be sure to scroll down to see where to find us!

Farm Grown Our flowers are locally grown in Tiffin, Iowa. We strive to grow beautiful, lush and vibrant blooms.

  1. CSA summer subscription: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The purpose of a CSA is to connect farms directly to the consumer. Our summer subscription consists of beautiful and lush farm grown blooms. We have 3 options this year! Check out our website to view.

  2. Oxford farmers market: We will be in attendance at the Oxford Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to confirm time and location.

  3. Farm stand: Once we have blooms, we will have a good ol' fashion farm stand at the end of our lane on Saturday and Sunday mornings! It will be by the honor system.

  4. Requests via social media or website: Interested in flowers for an event or just want a fresh bouquet on a random Tuesday? Visit our website or message me and we offer delivery or pick up!

  5. Pop up sales: Watch our Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know of upcoming pop-up sales.

  6. Friday flowers at Essential Coffee Trailer: We are so excited to partner with Essential Coffee Trailer to offer fresh flowers on Fridays. Treat yourself with fresh flowers and an iced coffee on a hot summer day!

Oh man I can't wait to share our farm grown flowers with you! Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to follow us on the socials and sign up for our monthly newsletter for the latest updates.

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