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DIY Barn Doors with Old Wood

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you know how important the Ball farm is to me. I love the rich history and stories that have been passed down through generations.

Our farm is a century old which means our barns are no longer in their prime. We have done a lot of clean up over the last few years out of necessity for safety, but it still made me sad to see the barns go. Dad saved a few barn doors for us to use as we see fit!

The doors were a lot shorter back in the day, but we were able to take the old wood and make our own DIY barn doors!

We began by taking the old doors apart and grinding down all the nails. We had to buy new pine boards to obtain the height we needed.

The new doors are 82 inches tall and 18 inches wide. We used 3 boards with about an inch gap between each one. The track we are using is 6 feet across. The doors will meet in the middle. The old wood is the horizontal and diagonal boards holding the doors together.

I cleaned the wood really well to get rid of the spider webs and dust. I then did a little sanding, but it wasn't my favorite part, and it probably could have used some more but feel free to do more or less Haha.

I wanted the doors to look authentic therefore I wasn't too concerned. I also didn't want to get rid of the red paint that was still on the wood.

I wasn't sure exactly what I should do about the contrast between the new and old wood. I did a few stain samples on some scrap wood and really liked the Early American stain. I painted the new wood first and it ended up matching the old pretty well! I decided to just use a clear coat over the old wood, and we kept the hardware (hinges and latch) from the old doors.

We are buying barn doors for the hallway and pantry, so why DIY the doors for our closet?

  1. I love that dad and I made the doors together.

  2. I am so excited to bring the beauty and history of the farm into our new home.

  3. The wood will soften the room with the warm tones!

Inspiration picture below:

We will have trim accenting the wall behind the bed. The bed won't be on the window wall, but it will be similar to this. We will have a barn light on either side above our bedside tables.

We have a beautiful DIY barn sign (from the farm) that says, "just married" that will hand on the opposite wall with our wedding photos. I am excited to pull all the design elements together!

Design elements:

Paint for rooms: Alabaster paint Sherwin Williams

Stain: Early American and clear

Barn lights

Trim accent wall

Black track for barn doors

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