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It has been a bit since I have updated you on our building project and many have been curious about our progress, therefore, I thought I would write a blog post! The hardest part about building a house is the waiting game. I struggle with not knowing the move in date but, God is teaching me to be content and patient during this season of waiting. Please be praying for us as we officially begin to dig!

We have equipment sitting at the farm which can only mean that dirt work will begin with in the next week! Papa Jon is helping us with a bulk of the tree removal, grading our new lane, etc. I am beyond excited to see progress being made.

Dean is such a trooper, he has been busy hauling dirt in his wagon haha. I love that he can be apart of the process, he is totally in his element on the farm!

I know this is just the beginning and I am preparing myself for many ups and downs here in the next few months but Tyler and I are walking into this journey with optimistic thoughts and joy!

I am telling myself to enjoy the process, it will be just a fleeting moment in our walk here on earth so even though it can be easy to want to move in tomorrow, I am going to enjoy the journey and the memories we are building! TYLER AND I ARE BUILDING ON THE FARM! This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Megan and I used to sit up on the hay field hill and daydream about building our dream home on the farm.

This view here, will lead into our acreage. The lane will continue straight through the trees and onto our land.

The next step is to dig water lines and the septic. Hopefully we begin the foundation in August and have the shell up by fall! My goal is that we are moved in my Christmas! I would absolutely love the gift of moving into our home for Christmas.

Tyler plans to be a big part of the process and I already feel like this has been the busiest summer we have ever had, but with him helping, I know the busy season is just beginning. We got this! I know we do but man it is daunting!

Thank you for reading! I will continue to keep you updated <3

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