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Choosing a wholesaler!

Happy FRIDAY Y'ALL! I love Fridays because it means I get to spend two whole days with my little man! He turns 5 months tomorrow and this week has been huge for milestones! He is now a rolling machine, loves banana and is possibly starting to teeth! This mama is crying happy tears! I love watching him grow but time can slow down haha.

It has been a busy week for us but we still haven't prepped the garden! GASP! I know I can't believe it either. I am pretty sure we had flowers planted already this time last year. We were hoping to get into the garden this weekend but it looks like it might be to wet. Oh well, we need the rain but you better believe I will be in the garden by next week! I can't wait to till in the compost and get the area marked off with weed fabric. Out seedlings are doing great and soon we can harden them off. Our goal is to transplant the seedlings around Mother's Day.

Speaking of Mother's Day... I can't wait to arrange bouquets for those of you who have ordered. I have searched HIGH and LOW for a wholesaler and I think I found a perfect match! Florabundance sources flowers from California and the United States as well as other major flower producing countries such as Holland, Colombia, Ecuador. It is my hope to grow our Farmhouse Flower business and therefore I have decided to expand my offerings for floral design.

The gesture of a fresh bouquet brings us comfort in times of mourning and joy during times of celebration. It makes us so happy to share our love of flowers with you! What makes us unique? We design with our flowers first and foremost but will occasionally purchase sustainably grown flowers to guarantee we meet all of your flower needs, i.e for Mother's Day when we don't have flowers blooming. Working with a wholesaler also provides the opportunity to design with flowers that don't grow well in Iowa.

I always want to be 100% transparent with you, so you might see a slight difference in pricing for wholesale compared to our locally grown flowers. That is due to the cost of shipping and the difference of buying blooms vs of seeds. As always, if you ever have questions please let me know!

I can't wait to design the flowers for your special occasion! Inquire for details by emailing

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