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Beef is Trending

Beef is currently trending and I am here for it! I follow quite a few health and wellness influencers and beef is having a moment on Instagram!

So why is everyone talking about red meat all of a sudden?

What is trending?

To kick us off, here is a short clip from Lauryn Bosstick

Lauren blogs about all things health and wellness. She is also the podcast host of Skinny Confidential. She credits losing 60 pounds to incorporating more beef into her diet. She also mentions how shiny and strong her hair hair is since eating more hamburger and steak.

Gracie Norton, podcast host of "Wellness Her Way," recently talked about her love of red meat during a conversation she had about favorite wellness hacks.

Discover Ag, my favorite agriculture and food podcast, has highlighted many recent articles about McDonalds, Burger King, etc.

Tara and Natalie highlight trending food topics and one of their recent podcast episodes is titled "Discovering Beyonce, Big Macs & Airport Vineyards." Be sure to check it out!!

Rolling Stones released an article last week that looks at the increase of TikTok users who are searching for the hashtag carnivore. According to the article, "there are more than 111,000 videos with the hashtag and over the past year, searches have increased by 79%. Influencers are stating that is has helped improve their skin, mental wellness and gut issues.

So what are the benefits of incorporating more lean beef into your diet?

According to the Kansas Beef Council, One 3-ounce  serving of cooked beef provides about 50 percent of the Daily Value (25 grams) of protein, making it an excellent source! Protein plays an important role in weight management by 

  • increasing satiety (helping you stay full longer)

  • helping support strong, lean bodies and reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as sarcopenia, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 9, 10, 11, 12 

  • offering more protein with the fewest calories when compared to plant proteins like quinoa, peanut butter, black beans and edamame.13

Beef provides more than 10 essential nutrients and about half the Daily Value for protein in about 175 calories.

14 These essential nutrients include:

  • zinc, which helps maintain a healthy immune system

  • iron, which helps your body use oxygen

  • vitamins B6 and B12, which help maintain brain function and give you energy. 

From my personal experience, I notice a difference in my own hair and skin when I am consuming beef. I also feel it plays an important role in improving my iron deficiency. I have been lacking enough iron since having Dean and I can notice a difference in my energy levels when I am eating iron rich foods. One serving of beef has about 12% of our total daily requirements of iron. I am prioritizing protein as I am in the midst of my postpartum journey and animal proteins provide 10 essential nutrients!




Plus beef is a tasty way to help reach those protein goals.

In January we processed our first round of beef at HB Farms. It feels good to have our freezer full of meat that we personally raised on our farm. It is nice knowing how those animals were cared for and all the time and effort that went into keeping the animals happy and healthy.

I recommend buying from a local farmer but honestly I fully trust beef sold at the grocery store as well! We sell most of our calves at weaning time to another farm that will raise them to market weight. That means our beef is also being sold at the grocery store.

Tyler set out ribeye steak for dinner. We have been testing out different seasonings and tonight we are trying montreal seasoning. The main ingredients include garlic, coriander, black pepper, cayenne pepper flakes, dill seed, and salt.

What is your favorite way to prepare steak?





P.S. Beef tallow skin care is also trending! If you haven't read about my trial with Toups and Co, you gotta go check it out!

In conclusion: EAT MORE BEEF!

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