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A Little Story about Preserving Flowers!

Hey flower friend!

My love for cut-flowers has grown slowly over the years. When we were little, Mom encouraged us to save flower petals from important occasions. She would help us write a little note before sticking them in the pages of our bible.

I might be just a bit biased but flowers are truly little blessings. Our Farmhouse motto is; The gesture of a fresh bouquet brings us comfort in times of mourning and joy during times of celebration. Throughout life we have seasons of ups and downs but it is refreshing to look at a vase full of flowers and be in awe of the beauty and hope it brings to the table.

When Tyler and I’s big day arrived, I couldn’t wait to save the flowers from my bouquet! I had spent so much time dreaming about the design. I described in detail what I was thinking with Julie (Julie's Fountain of Flowers in Lone Tree). She did such an incredible job! The colors tied in perfect with our fall wedding and the touch of pink roses soften the tones. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!

We left for Punta Cana soon after our wedding. It was a crazy couple of days and I left my bouquet in an empty mason jar on our kitchen table. When we came back I put the dried petals into a gallon size bag... only to realize a month later that there was mold growing on them!


I couldn’t believe it, I may have cried just a little bit! I had to toss them all away. I made the mistake of not hanging them upside down. I didn't give the petals in the middle a chance to air dry.

I don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to keep your flowers if you so desire. Take these extra simple steps to ensure success!

Tips for preserving your flowers through the air dry method.

What you will need:

  • Bouquet

  • Hanger

  • String

  • Rubber bands

Step 1: remove any leaves on the stem

Step 2: Hang your bouquet upside down from the hanger with the string or rubber bands.

Step 3: Hang your flowers somewhere safe and dry

Step 4: Let dry for a few weeks and ensure flowers are completely dry before storing away. Step 5: Save a portion of your bouquet or the whole thing still intact.

Ideas for storing: memory box, pressed into a photo album, décor, etc.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!



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