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A Gardener's Tool Kit

Good afternoon flower friends! I hope this post finds you well. I am sitting here at Toyota getting an oil change. One hour of reading or working on my flower business sounds alright to me! It is time that I share with you my FAVORITES. Tyler updated my tools for Christmas and I don't know how I SURVIVED without these garden essentials!


Every gardener needs a toolbelt to hold snippers, gloves, and the other tools I will share below. It also has a place to put my phone which is important for taking pics (for the blog, social media or to capture those moments of Riggs in the garden) and for communication. I love the one Tyler picked out for me. It is not too manly and fits me just right.


I am not very good at wearing gloves. Dad pointed this out yesterday when we were giving the cows pinkeye vaccines. I had a bucket of water next to me to wash my hands off and Dad asked where my gloves were at. Oops!

Okay... so I have to confess, I don't know the name of half of these tools. But just roll with me! This garden trowel is so cool! It has a sharp edge and measurement for digging. I use this tool when planting the seedlings from indoors.

The garden auger has probably been the biggest game changer when it comes to hand tools, especially with lack of rain. It is almost impossible to dig a hole in the soil when it is hard and crumbly.

Every cut flower gardener needs a couple good snippers/pruners. I use the pruners for larger stems and the snippers for more delicate plants and arranging.

Marker and knife

I always make sure to have a marker and knife with me! The marker comes in handy when marking rows and the knife is used for loosening the seedlings from their trays.

Other essentials (I need to do better with the items below):

Sun hat

Sun lotion

Bug spray

Good shoes


What tools are your favorite? What other tools should I include in my "toolkit?"

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