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A Behind the Scenes Look!

Today I am giving you a behind the scenes look at Zach and Julie's intimate and breathtaking outdoor ceremony/reception. This was my first all-service wedding, being that the flowers are fresh, many of the pieces were started on Wednesday after work and finishing touches were still being placed up until a couple hours before the Friday ceremony.

Julie didn't have one particular color in mind but her design was inspired by deep reds, light pinks and lots of greenery! The term boho is how I would describe the appearance but I believe it to be more of a feeling rather than a certain look. A boho design should feel unconventional, natural and elegant.

A lot of planning went on early in the process. First we decided on a floral recipe. Julie loved the idea of incorporating palm leaves and pampas grass into her bouquet and centerpieces. I was so excited to design with the dried palm leaves. They really added dimension to the bouquet. I also LOVE the pink Protea flowers as the focal point. It pulled the whole design together.

The ceremony flowers are arranged in floral cages and foam. These two pieces probably took us the most time. It is hard to do the flowers for a ceremony ahead of time without having the foam mechanically held in place. I did my best to research "how to" ahead of time because I knew there would be no time to spare. AHH I love how they turned out.

Julie's floral crown/headband was designed with a few different types of greenery- olive branch, eucalyptus, and baby's breath. I made Zach's boutonniere with the same design in mind.

Here are a few photos of the other floral arrangements we made.

Each centerpiece was made with the same ingredients but we made them all a little different and unique. I love the idea of using vases of different shapes and sizes.

I could not have pulled off a full-service wedding without Megan's help! It was wonderful to have a second eye. THANK YOU Meg!

Congrats to the beautiful couple, Zach and Julie!

Professional photo credits: Cambria Shelley Photography.

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