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5 Things to know about Posies vs. Arrangements!

Up until a few days ago I didn't have a special name for different bouquet options, but guess what you guys? There is a term for both! I am like geeking out over here!

I was listening to a podcast called Mornings with Mayesh, which is all about flowers, when I heard a florist from Austin, Texas chatting about her website. She mentioned Posies so of course I had to find out what in the world she was talking about.

*Side note; I listen to podcasts to and from work which is about an hour drive one way. Am I alone in this or is anyone else obsessed? I love listening to shows on health and wellness, entrepreneurship, flower farming, and motherhood. I will forever be a learner!

Posies are small bouquets of flowers tied with string or ribbon. I did a little research and come to find out they have been around since the medieval times! In the Victorian era, posies were created with flowers that had special meanings to convey a message.

1. Our posies come in either a brown craft sleeve or loosely tied with twine or ribbon. The sleeves are great for transporting but the twine is simple and elegant!

2. Posies are a great option for those who have a vase of their own at home! We encourage you to be creative with what vessel you choose.

3. Posies are meant to give you design freedom! Give them a fresh cut when you get home and place them in the vase with your own creative eye! Read our post: Tips to Extend Vase Life! (

Looking for tips on how to place the flowers in the vase? Checkout our post Arranging a "WILDFLOWER" look! (

4. Floral arrangements are designed by me and a vase is provided. This is great option if you are gifting the flowers or if you don't have vases/jars at home.

5. Sizes vary! Posies come in two sizes: medium and large and floral arrangements come in mason jars, medium vases and large vases.

Okay maybe I haven't convinced you to start calling tied bouquets posies yet but just wait because I am going to try!

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