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Why Hoops?

Good morning and happy Sunday! Tyler and I are having a relaxing morning at home, drinking coffee and enjoying some breakfast. Today's devotional is Proverbs 3:5- trust in the lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. This is a good reminder as we continue to walk through this new season of life. Our church officially opens back up in a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to in-person worship services again!

Saturday was a busy day at the farm! We started the process of adding hoops to each row. This is a new practice for us, the hoops will help hold netting. It is important to provide structure for the plants as they grow. The netting protects the plants from harsh wind storms and encourages straight stems. We have used t-posts in the past but the hoops are multipurpose! T-posts can be dangerous when bending down into the garden, if not careful the vegetation can hide the posts. The hoops will also serve as a caterpillar tunnel in the spring time. We can cover the hoops with plastic to warm the soil!

The hoops are made with conduit and fiberglass posts. We bought the hoop bender from Johnny's Seeds. It was easier to bend the hoops than I was anticipating!

First we put the conduit through the hoop bender...measuring 16 inches on each side. Then we match the middle up with the bender and pull both sides towards the middle.

The fiberglass posts get pounded into the ground and the conduit hoop slides over each post. Today we hope to finish setting up the hoops! Next step netting!

Here are two photos I found on Google. The first photo shows the netting and the second shows the plastic covering. I believe the hoops will be a great investment long term!

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