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What will be Blooming this Summer?

We are having a great start to our flower season! Watching the seeds germinate is one of my favorite can such beauty sprout from such a tiny seed? Its amazing! We expanded our garden this year to include a few more varieties. What will be blooming this summer?

Snapdragons are a fun and colorful flower! I love how the stems add height to any arrangement! Snapdragons begin to bloom from the bottom up and we harvest the stems as one cut wonders.

Zinnia has been one of my most productive crops since the beginning. I love centering these beautiful blooms in a mason jar arrangements. Zinnias come in both small and large blooms!

Ornamental kale is a new crop for us. I am so excited to see how this unique cut flower adds character to our bouquets! The texture and colors are a flower growers dream.

You guys...guess what? I invested in a few dahlia tubers! I am so excited to learn all about this beautiful flower! One plant can produce 10-15 new tuber cuttings for the next growing season. I can't wait until we have a whole patch full!

Cosmos are also a new cut flower for us! These delicate blooms will add an light and airy look to our bouquets.

Marigolds are a classic but they sure do well for us! They are great for summer and fall bouquets! This year we have yellow and orange. I love how they add a nice filler to any design.

Sunflowers are probably my favorite cut flower! They are perfect focus flower for small and large arrangements. We will have both single and branching stems available this summer.

We have more varieties available! Be sure to watch our Facebook for updates.

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