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What is Included in our Summer CSA?

Our 2022 summer CSA floral subscription is now open! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a method for distributing products directly from the farm to you. Subscription boxes offer us a fun and unique way to share our farm-grown flowers with the community through weekly bouquets.

This is our second year offering the summer subscription! We had so much fun arranging the posies last year. It was neat to see how the look changed from week to week with new varieties in bloom.

Personally I love the CSA method. I love flowers and I love arranging but I am not a big sales person. Knowing the summer subscription is filled before the season officially begins takes a big weight off my shoulders. It eases my mind to know there is a market for our fresh and local flowers! Why not add a little bit of cheer to your table each week? The subscription also makes for a great gift and we have purposefully opened the sign up form just in time for Mother's day!

The summer CSA subscription box includes:

-6 weekly or biweekly posies full of local farm-fresh flowers

-Farmhouse Flowers custom vase

-Optional tour of the farm (about half way through the summer, dates to be announced)

Weekly flowers will be available for pick up from Tiffin on Saturday mornings from 10 am to 12 pm or on Wednesdays at the Oxford farmer's market from 5-7 pm. The six week start date is TBD by our harvest window (July-August).

You guys heard that right... I am making custom Farmhouse Flowers vases! I am so excited! Each subscriber will receive a custom vase at the start of the six weeks. Following the first week, I will put the flowers in a brown craft sleeve. This will help save on jars/vases but will provide each person with a beautiful and hand-crafted jar upfront.

Email or DM me with any questions!

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