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Tips to Extend Vase Life!

Tyler and I had a nice, relaxing weekend without too much on the calendar. Work is starting to get busy with school right around the corner and I am beginning to realize how quick fall is approaching! Especially with the cool weather this weekend; Friday night I almost needed a sweatshirt!

This morning I went live on Facebook with a few quick tips to extend the vase life of cut flowers and I thought I would hop on here and write a post with those same tips just incase you ever want to come back to review!

Tip 1: Gather the following supplies:

  • Sharp scissors

  • Flower food (preservative)

  • Clean water

  • Vase

Tip 2: Dissolve the flower food into clean water.

Tip 3: Remove leaves from bottom half of stems, bunch the flowers, and trim the stems at an angle (this increases surface area for taking up water through the xylem tubes).

Tip 4: Place flowers into vase and repeat these steps every day or every other day (you do not need to add flower food to the water every time).

Follow these tips and your flowers should last one and a half to two weeks!

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