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Through Josie's Eyes

Today marks the end of an era, we said good bye to nicest cow you will ever meet! She made a lasting impression on all those who she encountered. A few weeks ago I submitted a manuscript for a children's book called "Through Josie's Eyes," I am not sure if it will ever be published but I hope one day kids are reading about the amazing Josie Cow! I have shared the story below. I hope you enjoy!


A story written by Morgan Hibbs

The Iowa Farmer raises corn, soybeans, pigs, and beef cows. Each cow is important, but not so unique.

Then one day a special calf is born, and the farmer thinks she would be perfect for the grandkids to show at the county fair.

“We ought to give her a name,” said the family. That is how the little red and white calf ended up with the name Josie.

She is as docile as they come.

Josie understands her role on the farm. She is to help calm and guide the other cows to new pastures.

The Farmer can walk up to Josie and put a halter on her in the middle of the pen. This comes in handy.

Cows like to graze on fresh grass. They are also curious creatures, and this occasionally leads the cows to find a way through the fence. Josie knows what to do. As soon as the Farmer says “coboss,” the cows come running. Can you guess who leads them home?


Josie sees it all! She is there when the Farmer starts up the tractor to feed hay on cold winter days. Josie is witness to the birth of new calves and to the beginning of planting season. She trails ahead to find shade in the heat of summer months and walks to the barn for fall vet checkups.

Josie brings joy to all who meet her. She is now an old cow but her presence on the farm is still great!

The Farmer is close to retirement and his children work off the farm. The decision is hard, but he sells the herd of cows. All but one.


Josie is the only cow left of the Farmers herd, but she is also the first cow in a new herd.

The Son decides it is time to build his own legacy on the family farm. Josie is leading the herd from generation to generation. She is slowing down but she continues to be the first cow to the gate.

If only cows could talk! Imagine what stories would be told through Josie’s eyes.

*Story is based from a poem I wrote in college. Josie’s Eyes – Picking Wild Flowers

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