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Happy WEDNESDAY or like Michael Strahan would say "HUMP DAY!" You have no idea how happy I am to see the sun shinning! I would still consider myself a newbie and I am certainly learning as I go! Tyler and I are in the trial and error part of our garden and I would say we may have made a few errors this week... but don't you worry because we have a possible soultion!

Before I dive into where we went wrong, let me share with you all of the amazing things we accomplished this past weekend! It was a beautiful couple of days and Tyler and I worked hard prepping the garden for planting.

We began with the weed fabric. I learned from the online Floret workshop that it is best to make a template and burn holes into the fabric verses using scissors. This keeps the holes consistent in size and burning decreases the likelihood of future rips.

This process took a little longer than we were anticipating but it was actually kind of fun! We finished 300 feet of weed fabric! Our goal is to save and re-use the fabric and template each year!

Next step, drip irrigation! We typically run one line down each row but this year we are implementing high intensity production, meaning we are planting seeds closer together. Our goal is to better maximize the space we have available. Our plan is to run four lines in hopes to also better manage water needs.

I have never labeled our flowers... I know not very professional so this year we are getting fancy and using wooden stakes! Our garden bloomed 5 different variety of flowers last summer and this year we are hoping to grow and sell 30! I want to make sure I am keeping all the names straight!

So now to our oops... I was so excited to start seeds this winter that I may have started them a few weeks early. The seedlings were beginning to reach the shop lights and the tips were getting burnt! So we decided to go ahead and plant them outside, we were having such nice weather and then I looked at the forecast! I am worried about this cold spell and possible frost coming Friday so we did a little research and I think plastic might be our best option this last minute!

Off to Lowes we go!

And just a tulip bouquet to brighten up your day! <3

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