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House Delays, Party Time & Fall Happenings

A lot is happening in our neck of the woods and therefore it is time for another CURENTLY post. I love these posts, it is a time for me to sit down and let the words flow. My blog is a place for me to grow as an individual through the sharing of our experiences. I hope you find my posts to be relatable and possibly tangible for personal growth and inspiration. I would love to hear your feedback. You are always welcome to email me or comment below! What posts do you enjoy? What would you like to see more of?

OK now that we have logistics out of the way... let's dive into what is happening CURRENTLY in the lives of the Hibbs haha.

Our house build is on hold for another two weeks. On September 17th we closed on the construction loan to officially begin building. I was so stoked to begin the foundation today, September 26th, but unfortunately that is not the reality. At first I was angry and bitter. We have been working on this process for two year and it seems like it is going at snail pace. Each step has been teaching me patience and at times I just want to cry or scream... but this past weekend I was given a new perspective.

We had Tyler's cousins here from Florida and they stopped out to see the farm. They had such an appreciation for the farm and kept saying how beautiful the view was. It made me pause and change my perspective. Yes, the build is not going as fast as I would like. Yes, it has been a long process and we have been through quite of bit. Yes, prices are high and interest rates keep going up. Yes, we sold our house a year ago and have most of our things in boxes. Yes, we are stressed. But YES, it will make it all that much more special when we can finally move in. We also have so much to be blessed for in this moment. We have a roof over our heads, we have so much love and support from our families and friends, we are working with wonderful people, we are healthy and we have each other.

The delays are out of our control, supply chain issues, labor issues, pricing issues, paperwork issues, etc. It is okay to not be okay and to be overwhelmed at times but we can't let is control us. The feeling of frustration can build and make our anxiety sky rocket but I choose to trust God and his timing. I choose to let my worries be in God's hands.

While we wait for the foundation and shell to be completed, we get to pick out the fun things! My inspiration is of course farmhouse, but with a modern twist! I have changed my mind a few times already but I think I have narrowed down my ideas. I am looking for warm and clean tones. I want black hardware and white countertops. I want open shelving by the stove and a farmhouse sink. LOTS of lighting and a large island. We are hoping to put in a breakfast nook and barstools at the island. I am planning to include a variety of plants in my design and I am going to keep it minimalist with decorations.

I want black doors and black windows. I think this will give the shop-house a more cozy and classic design, won't look solely like a shop. I can't wait to decorate our front door for different seasons! As of right now we are expecting to move in by spring 2023. Please send a few prayers for us as we continue the process.

Wow I spent a lot more time chatting about the house than I thought I would! We have a busy fall planned with weddings, workshops, cleaning up the garden, weaning calves, etc. but then things should slow down between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I am looking forward to rest.

YOU GUYS!!! Dean will be two in November. How is this even a thing? We are in the beginning stages to planning his birthday party. The theme will splash you away. Da Da Da Da The theme is Baby Shark. Our baby shark is turning two and I just can't believe how fast time flies.

Are you one to participate in all of the fall activities? I love fall, it is my favorite season. I am all about the fall things; apple orchards, halloween, pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, etc.! It is even more fun with Dean Bean, I can't wait to take him to pick out his costume this year! I hope you have a wonderful fall!

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