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DIY Feed Bunk

Tyler has been into farm DIY projects lately! First it was the DIY mineral feeders and now the latest... a DIY feed bunk for our market calves!

Over the last few years Tyler and I have stepped into a larger role when it comes to the cows. We now own a portion of the herd and contribute to the decisions being made for the overall success of the business. Last year I mentioned the goal was to begin selling our beef locally. We will have two calves processed in the new year and while this won't give us a lot of beef to sell, we are hopeful this is just the start of something great!

As we expand the cow herd, we need to increase the number of feed bunks, mineral feeders, water tanks, pens, etc. As easy as it would have been to go to Theisens and purchase a new feed bunk, it wouldn't have been as sturdy and it would have cost more than it did to DIY.

Tyler took a few days off work last week to get caught up on farm tasks. Him and Dad picked up a new bale ring and winterized a few things. Tyler also made time for building the feed bunk and I know the calves are very happy he did! We had two feed bunks for 17+ calves. There just wasn't enough room!

He said the bunk was actually easier than he was anticipating! He used nine 2x6 pressure treated pieces of wood, scrap 4x6 chunks we had laying around the farm, and heavy duty construction screws (spax). He bought everything from Menards.

The bunk measurements: 8 feet by 3 feet. The legs were each 2 feet tall.

Hope this inspires you to do a little DIY project. It has been fun to try new things!

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