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Currently 11.27.21

Hello flower friends! It has been while since I hopped on here to write a 'current' post. Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you are enjoying the long weekend as much as we are. We have so much to be thankful for this year.

I am currently writing with a lukewarm cup of coffee (that has been warmed up three times), the baby monitor is next to me as Dean snoozes, I just heard the laundry machine shut off, I have a to-list a mile long...and my heart couldn't be happier!

Family update:

  • Dean took about 10 steps from the couch to me this morning! I am not sure how it is possible that he is walking but wow all the mama emotions are flowing. Currently he LOVES to wave at everything, especially the pets! He lights up when we feed the moo moos and he enjoys riding in the tractor.

  • We tried Sunday school for the first time. Dean wasn't sure what to think of it but I am sure he will love it in no time.

  • We accepted an offer on our house within 24 hours of listing it! We close here soon and the next step is to purchase the land where we plan to build our home.

Flower update:

  • Our seeds arrived! I am so excited for the upcoming growing season. I have so many new varieties to try. I was strategic about filler also! My goal is to focus on weeds, maximizing production, and add more fillers to my arrangements.

  • Every year I create a vision board and plan out goals for the upcoming garden season. I plan to do that over the holiday season.

  • I am currently offering holiday wreaths and Christmas centerpieces. Message me if you are interested in ordering!

Farm update:

  • We are selling our weaned calves this upcoming week. We have 14 feeder calves to sell, they will head to another farm where they will be fed to market size.

  • Tyler raked corn stalks this past week and they will be baled to use as bedding when it is cold this winter. The cows also like to munch on the stalks from time to time. It gives them a nice variety when there is not grass growing for them to graze.

  • We attend a bred-cow sale each winter and Tyler and I are hoping to purchase a few cows to add to the herd!

  • We turned our compost pile the other day. It is looking good and will be ready to apply in the spring. Did you miss our last post? I write about the ways we are sustainable on the farm. Blog | Mysite (


  • We will have our subscription launch in time for Mother's Day!

  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay in the know of all the happenings on the farm.

Thank you for following our journey! Your support means the world to us and we are so thankful for all of you.

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