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Good morning! Tyler and I are having a lazy morning watching HGTV and enjoying some healthy Fixate (Beachbody show) banana pancake muffins. Diesel keeps alternating between snoozing and chewing on his bone haha. We don't have too much on the agenda today but we do need to clean, do laundry, check the flowers and organize the office! We have cleaned out the nursery but everything went from one room into the next! My goal is to get the office useable again! In a few weeks Mom and Megan are coming over to help me deep clean and the following week Tyler's mom, Deb, is going to help us paint. We have decided to paint the nursery grey with a shiplap accent wall!

Last weekend we held a small Baby-Q to reveal Baby H's gender and...we are having a boy! I am excited to start planning the nursery décor for our farm theme! ***Tyler's old, beautiful and classic white Ford truck holds an important place in our hearts! We went on our first date, took engagement, wedding photos and announcement photos and revealed Baby H's gender with the truck! Tyler and I are already dreaming of the day when Baby H can learn to drive stick shift with this truck! I need to practice!!! Haha Tyler can't have all the fun teaching Hibbs Jr.

There is a lot of unknowns right now with COVID-19, schools, the economy, etc. but Tyler and I are striving to make the best of it and we are seeking out the positives! We have spent our weekends with family and close friends in the form of bonfires, grill-outs, and impromptu ice cream stops! And let's not forget about the flower garden! I find so much peace working in the garden and checking the cows, especially in a new reality of everything being online. Heading out to the farm every night gets me outside and in fresh air!

We are so grateful to those who have supported Farmhouse Flowers by purchasing arrangements, liking our Facebook posts, sharing by word of mouth and following along! We have learned so much this year! Tyler and I have a new appreciation for flower farmers and we are so excited to see where this hobby takes us!

Currently we have sunflowers, zinnias, snapdragons, marigolds, and amaranth blooming! Visit us at the Oxford Farmers Market (American Legion on Wednesday nights from 5-7) or message us on Facebook to order mason jar flowers (10.00), market bouquets (15.00), or large arrangements (20.00)!

Last up on our "currently..." blog post we have an update on the cows! The herd continues to move from pasture to pasture; grazing and mowing the farm! We have let the bull out with the cows and the calves will be placed on a creep feed diet soon! Creep feed is a great way to begin the weaning process!

What have you all been up to? We would love to hear from you, comment or message us!

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