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Arranging a "WILDFLOWER" look!

Good morning! If you have been following my journey for a while, than you know my original blog was called "Picking Wildflowers." The name for Picking Wildflowers came from the Keith Anderson country song. I love the carefree and natural feel that comes with the image of walking through a field of wild flowers. We recently re-branded to better suit our mission but Picking Wildflowers will always hold a special place in my heart and I can't help but incorporate that carefree and natural feel into my arrangements. Today I wanted to share how I arrange a "wildflower" look.

Time in the garden has been such a stress reliever during this season we are currently living in. Everything has transitioned to online. My job, where I once was very active at schools and in the community has moved to an online platform, we have been watching church online and all of my meetings are now on zoom. We are constantly using technology and it feels good to be outside in the midst of such beauty. I usually arrange flowers in my grandma's basement (she is so gracious and let me set up a mini studio) but on nights when I can move at a slower pace, I like to arrange outside on a makeshift table haha.

Diesel likes to help!

First I gather my supplies; vase with clean water, flower food, and sharp scissors or snippers.

I like to place a few stems of leafy greens to the base of my arrangement. Here I used ornamental basil. Basil doesn't tolerate heat well and once it is cut in needs to be place in water right away.

Next I add grains, for this arrangement I used Amaranth. I cut the stems at different heights to help with the whimsical look. I also used a cascading pink variety of amaranth to this arrangement.

Now for the fun part! Place complementary flowers like zinnias, snapdragons, and cosmos. Vary the stems in heights, color, and placement. I try to add in odd numbers, 3 cosmos and 5 zinnias, etc.

Last but most importantly add focal flowers. For this arrangement I incorporated two different varieties of sunflowers.

Can't wait to see your designs!

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