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8 ways I am supporting my body postpartum!

Hey guys! I thought I would hop on here and chat about my postpartum journey up to this point. I was feeling a little off after having Levi, I felt like my adrenaline was constantly running. I was trying to explain it to Tyler and the only way I could describe it was that it felt like my system was in fight or flight mode.

I decided to have a nutrient/hormone test done. I discovered that I my sodium/potassium pump was working in overdrive and my body was in a state of consistent stress. My iron was back to normal but magnesium was deficient. The test also showed that I may be under eating.

It felt good to have this information. It made me feel like I could do something about how I was feeling. I was telling Megan about my findings and she had similar feelings after Andrew.

Hormone Sav recommended a few things to try to help balance my nutrients which would then in return balance my hormones.

1.I LOVE matcha but it wasn't something I had all the time. I am a coffee girl, I just love the ritual. I actually wish it didn't have caffeine but would still give you the "wake up" feeling.

I found that coffee promotes an adrenaline and cortisol spike. On top of this, matcha contains more antioxidants and health benefits than coffee. I still drink coffee a few days a week but I have been increasing my matcha intake. I mix honey and a little brown sugar with whole milk.

Whole milk has more protein and the protein helps stabilize the sugars. This has been my go to. Otherwise I like almond/coconut.

2.The other thing she mentioned was eating more filling meals and not snacking as often.

3. I have also been intentional about beginning the day with 30 grams of protein. This is from Cambria Joy. She has a YouTube channel and I find her content very helpful! She posts a lot of meal ideas.

Breakfast ideas:

  • Protein oatmeal (I like to add in chia seeds, greek yogurt, peanut butter, shredded coconut, berries, etc.

  • Eggs with turkey sausage and veggies

  • Protein pancakes (cottage cheese pancakes or just Kodiak mix)

  • Shakeology protein or recover after a workout

4. Cambria Joy also advocates for LMNT. I have been feeling so much better after starting to drink LMNT every day! It has really helped decrease the feeling that I am in fight or flight mode.

LMNT contains 1000 mg sodium, 200 mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium, and zero sugar. According to their website, "The sodium-potassium pump is a life-sustaining protein pump in our neurons’ cell membranes. For every 3 sodium ions it releases, it takes in 2 potassium ions — a process which enables everything from muscle contraction to neuronal firing. To help our pump function optimally, our total sodium and potassium intake should reflect this 3:2 ratio."

5. LOTS AND LOTS OF VEGGIES/PROTEIN: This helps you cut the cravings. Sugar/processed sugar is an area I am working on cutting out. According to my nutrient test, my thyroid is sluggish and I really don't want it to get worse. Cutting out sugar helps with managing glucose and this can help keep your thyroid healthy.

6. Getting outside and away from screens! This helps your body calm down.

7. I am still taking post-natal vitamins

8. Movement: weight-lifting/running has been my jam lately. I am working hard each morning to begin my day with movement. This isn't selfish and my kiddos get used to it!

There you have it, 8 ways I am supporting my hormones postpartum. I am 4.5 months postpartum and I am starting to feel more like myself! If you are in this stage, I encourage you to keep advocating for yourself!

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