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4/27/21 Currently...

Hi flower friends!

I hope you are having a beautiful week! It has been a while since I wrote a currently post so today I am sitting down with a warm cup of coffee. Let's chat!

Tyler and I have been dividing and conquering this garden season so I haven't spent as much time outside as I typically do. Last night we worked in the garden all together as a family and it was so much fun. Dean loves to take it all in, he especially had an interest in watching Tyler drive around on the four-wheeler.

We have wrapped up our tulip harvest. I enjoyed a few weeks of big and gorgeous blooms on the kitchen table. I have not planted a large quantity in the past but I just ordered 500 bulbs to be planted in the fall! Can't wait to learn more about these beautiful spring flowers. I believe I ordered 4 different varieties of tulips and 3 different daffodils. We will use caterpillar tunnels with plastic coverings to hopefully warm up the soil enough to encourage early blooming.

Two weekends ago we prepped the garden. Our friends, Zach and Rachel, helped us till in the cow manure compost, hook up drip tape irrigation and lay down the weed fabric. We are changing the layout of the garden this year. Most of the time I plant north and south along the length of the machine shed but this year I am planting perpendicular. The shorter rows will be helpful with watering. Last year we planted multiple different cut flowers in the same row and their water needs were different. Our plan is to only have one variety of flower per row.

I have enjoyed spending time with family the last few weekends. Last weekend we went to the Gathering Barn in Williamsburg and the weekend before we went garage sale seeking and had coffee at the Brickhouse! Fun fact, I played soccer for a while with Missy, one of the owners of Brickhouse Coffee.

My hubby turns the BIG 30 this year so I am currently planning a grill and chill party for him. Don't worry it is not a secret haha. He said he didn't want a big to do so we are having a few friends over for a fun summer grill-out. I hope to get Dean a little pool to splash around in!

We are starting to introduce solids to Dean! I am currently doing some research on what foods to start with, tips and tricks, and meal prep ideas. He so far likes avocado, banana and sweet potato!

If you made it all the way to the end of this post you ROCK!

P.S. I am searching for safe baby sunscreen and bug spray. If you have ideas please let me know!

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