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2021 Garden Plans

Well you guys, the moment is here... It is my last full week of maternity leave. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. We just left Dean's two month doctor's appointment. He is in the 87th percentile for height and weight, I would say Little Riggs is growing like a weed! I am so thankful I had this time to be home with him. It won't be easy to go back to work but I am looking forward to continuing to work towards our Ag in the Classroom goals and establishing a routine.

I have been prioritizing my time during Dean's naps to plan our upcoming cut flower garden! I am am so excited to try new varieties! We won't be expanding the size of the garden this year but we will be planting a few new seeds and really working on productivity and quality of each variety.

Here is the OFFICIAL plan! We will be planting 4 horizontal and 5 vertical beds with two planting successions in each. I learned a lot last year and took notes about where each variety should be planted. I think the sunflowers will grow best next to the machine shed since they grow significantly taller than the rest of the cut flowers. I also now know that we have a low spot where water tends to pool. We are going to work to get that fixed but I will also not be planting snapdragons there, which like well drained soil. These are the types of things I hope to discover each year as we become more and more familiar with the cut flowers and land.

Last year I completed a wonderful six week course through Floret. We get life-time access and I plan to revisit the content to see if I can pick up new things to implement. The course has a network for conversation and questions and I can't wait to be inspired by others!

As I mentioned, we will be trying a few new varieties and those include Stock, Bachelor's Button, Poppy and Ranunculus.

I am working on our pricing guide for 2021. We plan to continue selling our flowers through Facebook and at the Oxford's Farmers Market. I have also tossed around the idea of offering enrollment for a weekly or biweekly CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription. Folks would sign up to receive a mason jar arrangement once a week or biweekly for a one time price upfront. What are your thoughts on this?

Other offers:

Fresh flowers for special occasions

Artificial design work

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