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Spring is in the air!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Hi and happy hump day! Chores on the farm are picking up and that can only mean one thing...spring is in the air! A couple weeks ago; Dad, Tyler, Megan, Kyle and I headed down to Sigourney, Iowa to purchase a few bred cows. We culled a few older cows last fall and it was time to rebuild our herd. We purchased four Red Angus cows that are expected to begin delivering in March. The rest of the herd will soon follow. Spring is one of my favorite times of year. The cows can hardly contain their excitement as the blades of grass slowly turn green and I try my best to wait patiently for signs of calving. Raising cows is not always easy but waking up to a sweet new baby calf makes it so worth it!

Before the cows begin calving, it is important to get their little bodies prepared for the harsh realities of rain, wind and temperature swings. Last weekend we poured the cows and gave them scour shots. Calf scours can occur within the first 30 days of being born and is life-threatening if not treated. Symptoms include dehydration; yellowish, green or gray feces, and lack of appetite. We can help build the calf's immunity by giving the cow a preventative shot. This is also a good time to check everyone over and redo ear-tags if needed!

Spring is also the time to sow certain flower seeds indoors. I am so grateful to have a larger space to do so this year! I grow my flowers on my grandma's farm and she has so graciously allowed me to start my seeds in her basement. In previous years one grow light was enough, but this year our plan is to share our blooms with all of you, and to do so we needed to expand. We added four more lights and a couple of heat mats!

I spy GERMINATION! We started Marigold, Snapdragon, Kale, Black-eyed Susan, Eucalyptus, Lisanthus, Basil, Aster and Dusty Miller! I can't wait to see these little seedlings take off!

Thank you for taking time to read Farmhouse Flowers!

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