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Offering Artificial À La Carte!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I have been craving the opportunity to expand my flower portfolio to include events. It is my long term goal to design with farm fresh flowers and this continues to be a top goal of mine but a new adventure has also presented itself. This past year our good friends, Jake and Adriane, asked if I would create the arrangements for their upcoming wedding using artificial flowers.

I said yes without hesitation but soon reality sank in! I was scared out of my mind! I know how important the flowers are to most brides! I had never taken on the task to create arrangements for a whole wedding before. But after I expressed my concerns to Adriane, she calmed my nerves and said she had faith in me. We went together to Hobby Lobby and bought the supplies months in advance and then we sat down a couple months before the wedding to create bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

I found a new love for designing with artificial flowers and I was definitely in my happy place!

Adriane's vision for natural came together so nicely with the colors she chose. We made her bouquet come to life with the different stems of greenery!

Farmhouse Flowers is now offering artificial flower arrangements for special occasions!

Offering Artificial À La Carte:




-Center pieces

Price options:

Option 1

-I buy the artificial flowers/necessary supplies

-You pay cost back for flowers/supplies and labor hours

Option 2

-I buy necessary supplies

-You buy the artificial flowers

-You pay cost back for supplies and labor hours

Labor hours=$20.00 per hour.

Necessary supplies=ribbon, floral tape/wire, bouquet holder, etc.

Inquire for more information by contacting Morgan Hibbs.

Cell phone: 319-471-2152

Facebook Messenger: Farmhouse Flowers | Facebook

Can't wait to work with you!



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