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Currently: Summer Happenings

Howdy all! Anyone else loving this weather? Sunshine, a slight breeze and a rain shower here and there! I haven't had to water my garden for a few days now! I am a little nervous to get back into the flowers though! I bet the weeds are back... I picture a scary movie with a screeching voice, "They're back...!" Haha I crack myself up.

I recently did a poll on the ol' gram stories, asking for your help with the next blog topic and 75% of you said an update on current life happenings, 25% said a blog post with a weed fabric tutorial (I may do that one next) and 0% of you said motherhood, the rants and raves. I was kind of surprised by this, don't we all love a good rant and rave? Like how can such a cute little human, give me the sweetest hug one minute and then toss his favorite food on the floor like he can't believe I just gave him a banana. Well... maybe we will save the rants and raves for another day haha.

Tyler's parents recently bought a swing set for their back yard and they guys were hard at work getting it built this past weekend. The box said to expect 6-12 hours, I think they have about 12 hours in already but it is almost done! It is crazy how many pieces it came in. It will have a rocking climbing wall and everything! Dean is going to have so much fun swinging, sliding and playing in the little fort area.

My summer schedule looks a bit different this year. I usually fill up my summer with day camps, library programs and other outreach events but this year I decided to slow down a bit and pass those activities off to Paige, our Outreach Coordinator. I am working from home with Dean Bean along side me. I am so grateful for a job and a boss who understands work-life balance. Weaving work, the flowers, and motherhood all together. We have a few fun work events coming up towards the end of June that I am prepping for!

Update on the pod! You won't want to miss this month's episode. We share our fav books, podcasts, and blogs for personal growth. Andrew makes an appearance and we laugh... a lot haha. Plus we fixed the audio! Check it out on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

We had a much needed girls night! Drank margaritas, ate chips and salsa and treated ourselves to ice cream! We met at 5:30 and talked until 10:00. Was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night!

Megan and I started a new book called, Parenting with the Gospel Truths by Paul Tripp. I hope to gain some insight for parenting a toddler with big emotions and not letting his emotions determine my emotions. Any tips? I am all ears!

We are taking full advantage of the warm weather with trips to the park, walks at night and water fun during the day! What are your favorite activities to do as a family? I am currently creating a list. I hope to cross one item off each week.

Once a year, before we put the cows up on the hill, we give them pinkeye vaccines and we pour them for fleas, ticks, etc. This protects them throughout the summer months! Checkout this blog post I wrote back in 2017!

As for the flowers, I have about 75% of my seeds planted! I need to get back into the garden to plant my sunflower patch. The ones I transplanted have bounced back from their initial shock. Won't be to long before we are able to harvest! Hopefully by July 4th we can cut our first full jar of flowers. There is still time to sign up for our subscription, let me know if you are interested!

Well ya'll I better log off, Dean just tried to step on my laptop while it is on my lap haha. That is my que, we are off to eat a snack before heading back outside!

Thank you for reading!!



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